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Funerals and Memorials, Celebration of Life


You are faced with many decisions following the death of a loved one. In arranging a funeral or memorial, foremost in your heart is to represent him or her in a way that respects and honors their life, one that expresses their impact and importance to you and others, in an environment that allows you to safely acknowledge the depth and breadth of the varied emotions that will, of course, arise. The best ceremony acts as a support for you…and others… through a difficult transitional period.

I understand that it is important to respond quickly and with compassion. Through the process of interviewing as many significant associates as is possible, I will work with you to create an event that is intimate, personal and meaningful. Will music be a significant element? Will there be musicians to play? Would you like to offer your loved one’s favorite food or art? Are there people who will be invited to read? Don’t hesitate to contact me.

“Dear Erika —

Thank you again for an incredible day yesterday. Your insight, your wisdom, your kindness, your reflections…I am so appreciative, so grateful for your time and energy and thoughtfulness. I know we just met, but I feel a wonderful connection to you, and am so fortunate that our paths crossed at this time… Your words were very comforting to me, and to so many others yesterday. In fact I want to print out your talk and keep it close…

Thank you again, from my heart, for your generosity and kindness. Thank goodness I found you – you truly made the day come together, in such an important way.